Introducing the crew

I was born in Quebec. My mother Anoushka, my sister Lisel and I travelled to Latin America. We were young and pretty much care free. I experienced with my own eyes, the clash between real wealth and real poverty. 

   I returned to Quebec aged seventeen, where I studied sociology and anthropology.

 Aged twenty-four, I studied farm economics in France and the UK. When I was prevented from doing community politics I became a full-time songwriter and record producer.

 I believed then, as I believe now, that contemporary culture can and will bring us all into a future where each and every individual can realise their own potentials. A world where the distribution of goods and services is based on need and not greed.

Michel Boyer
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Hello reader, have you ever asked yourself what if the African-American publishers of the 1930's and 1940's had survived until the present day and if they had, would they have printed comic books akin to the golden age, silver age comics seen throughout popular culture now? 

  No...I don't think so. Well I have and I am beginning my comic book universe with Sgt. Smoking Black. 

  Sgt. Smoking Black is set in the Second World War. Sgt. Black and his company are sent on a suicide mission to Nazi occupied Italy to a castle run by a twist evil SS commandant. Sgt. Black and his men confront a menagerie of strange and evil foes...